Critical Writing Workshop

Preparatory meetings: 28.01 & 04.02.

BEWOGEN festival: 12.02, 13.02, 14.02, 15.02, 16.02


Critical Writing Workshop

NL - Workshop kritisch schrijven, we geven het podium aan ons publiek.
FR - Atelier d'écriture critique qui donne la parole à notre public.

EN - Critical writing workshop that gives the floor to our audience. 

The BEWOGEN festival aims at "creating small encounters between refugees, newcomers and people who have long been part of our communities; allowing a discovery of the other through theatre, music, film, literature, exhibitions and conversations." See also: mission-vision statement (EN/FR/NL)

Do you want to participate in and see the results of BEWOGEN activities? Discuss them in group? Share your point-of-view with others? Learn how to write a critical opinion? You are very welcome to our Critical Writing Workshop. 

This critical writing workshop gives the floor to our audience, and assesses whether the festival achieves his goals: creating a more inclusive society through small encounters between 'old' and 'new' Brusseleirs. During the workshop we start from self-questioning and critical attitude.


Some more practical information: 

  • The workshop is led by Damla Ekin Tokel, an independent artist with a background in acting, dance and Master in Critical Studies (Boğaziçi University, Istanbul).

  • Tuesday, January 28 and Tuesday, February 4 2020: preparatory meetings to introduce the notions of performance, critique, and some critical tools. --> Hour of the workshop will be discussed with participants

  • Then during the festival (Wednesday, February 12 to Sunday, February 16), participants will attend at least one BEWOGEN activity per day, write small texts on their experiences of the event, and discuss these the day after in group. Everybody can participate, no matter their experience in writing / cultural knowledge. Everybody experiences culture different in relation to our background: the more diverse our group is, the richer our discussions!

The workshop will be held in English and/or French according to the needs of the participants and their texts will be welcomed in the language they want (participants write in their native language). The reading material will be provided in three languages within the limits of availability of translations.

What wil happen with the texts? 

The texts produced by the participants will serve as feedback for the organizers of the festival on the one hand and at least two texts of each participant will be published on the blog of the festival.

How to inscribe and ask for more information?

Send an e-mail / text message / phone call to Damla (the teacher of the workshop): or 0466 28 43 89

! The hours of the workshops (2 - 3 hours per workshop) will be discussed with the participants ! 

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Preparatory meetings: 28.01 & 04.02 - 14:00 - 17:00 @ De Markten

BEWOGEN festival: 12.02, 13.02, 14.02, 15.02, 16.02: hours to be decided in group


Vieux Marché Aux Grains / Oude Graanmarkt 5

1000 Brussel


organisation: De Markten & BEWOGEN

reservation required: or 0490 52 39 79